How to enhance performance, build strength, and reduce injury 

The RF Power Hour is a 60minute consultation and functional training session taking you through a series of fitness challenges designed to test your range of movement, balance and core strength.
RF will spend time getting to know your exercise history, lifestyle and fitness goals.
You will then receive an in-depth report analysing the results along with a training programme best suited to you.


How to reach your maximum potential through a bespoke training programme tailored to your lifestyle.

RF Bespoke fitness is 60 minutes of personal training from 1 to 3 times a week for 3- 6months specifically tailored to your fitness goals. Every 8 weeks you will be re-tested and a new programme updated to keep your body guessing.
Whether you are looking to increase strength, reduce body fat or simply feel good, RF Bespoke fitness designs the perfect training programme for you.


How to get in the best possible shape in a short period of time

RF Short and Sharp is a 6-8 week training programme designed to get you in the best shape possible though a tried and tested method.
Three 60 minute training sessions per week at your home, gym or hotel.
This will involve a mixture of resistance, cardio and HIIT training depending on your goals.
You will receive nutritional guidance plus 2 structured training sessions to do by yourself.

All RF sessions take place at your home or in the parks