How to build the foundations for your child to achieve maximum potential in everyday life

The RF Power Hour is a 60minute consultation taking you through a series of fun, action packed challenges designed to test you child’s movement patterns, and capabilities.
RF will spend time building rapport with your child getting to know their interests whilst keeping them on the move.
You will then receive an in-depth report analysing the results along with a recommendation of the sport best suited to your child.


How to develop physical and mental strength to increase confidence and ability

RF Bespoke Fitness consists of 3 to 6 months of training to help your child progress physically and thrive mentally.
Each training session is an hour of 1 to 1 fun fitness games and challenges to relieve stress and burn energy.

Each session will involve a variety of exercises to develop core strength, balance and agility.
This is all done in a disguised manner allowing your child to express themselves through exercise, without even knowing it.


How to develop your child’s confidence and skill set in their chosen sport

The RF SportFit programme consists of one to two hours per week of sport specific training to help develop skill-set and ability.
Whether you are looking to improve running technique and endurance or develop more power in your tennis serve, RF SportFit creates the perfect programme to enhance your child’s performance.
RF Sport Fit caters for a variety of sports ranging from rugby, football, netball, athletics, cricket and tennis.

All RF sessions take place at your home or in the parks